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Proactive Protection,Total Control When you buy your first SSL/TLS certificate, sign up for Symantec Trust Center to keep your finger on the pulse of all your certificates through one cloud-based console. So you can focus on running your business, safely.

Symantec SSL/TLS: Benefits Beyond The Certificate

Norton Secured Seal

Trust online starts with proof on-site. Display the #1 most recognized trust mark on the web.


The Norton Secured Seal next to your search listing adds power to your brand and your click-through rates.

Daily Malware Scanning

It's built right into every Symantec SSL/TLS certificate for added protection against malicious infections.

24/7 Customer Support

Security is an absolute must, every second of every day. So when you need help, we’re here. No questions asked.

Symantec SSL/TLS: Benefits Beyond The Certificate


The Most Recognized Trust Mark on the Internet

Top 100

Thomson Reuters Global Innovator List

21.7 Billion

OCSP Lookups on Cyber Monday (US) 2016

CERTIFICATE OVERVIEW For Every Security Need, a Solution


Currently, 97% of all websites are not encrypted, so their businesses and visitors are at risk. See how Symantec Encryption Everywhere changes the game for small businesses worldwide.


Our Customer Authentication Team upholds the highest standards on the web. We use the world's strictest processes to validate any business seeking an OV certificate.

Maximum security

Our EV certificates’ ECC algorithm provides 64,000x the strength of RSA and visual cues that give customers confidence. Result: An average 17.8% lift in site conversions for business.

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