D.Private Cloud Overview

Each dedicated private cloud (DPC) is purpose-built from the ground up meet your specific business objectives. Despite being a single-tenant, private computing environment, your managed dedicated private cloud will function and feel similar to a public cloud, but at a fixed cost.


100% your own hardware.

Built the way you would build it. Every dedicated private cloud is built to order with only the best technologies. You will have the confidence that you are the one and only customer on the hardware. Each node is configured to meet your business needs today and tomorrow. Additionally, you maintain full control over the selected hardware: Upgrade or downgrade it, customize the networking configuration, and even select the operating systems that are deployed on your VMs.

Disruptive Economics

Deploy unlimited VMs within your private cloud without paying any fees per-VM. With a dedicated private cloud you will know exactly how much it will cost every month, regardless of how many virtual machines are deployed within your managed dedicated private cloud. Additionally, because you will be able to utilize your resources better, your overall cost per compute cycle will be lower with a dedicated private cloud than other types of infrastructure.


Faster Time to Market

Deploying a dedicated private cloud will empower your IT team to do more and perform better. Letting SingleHop host it for you will save your organization time in sourcing it, configuring it, and managing it down the road, freeing your team to focus on what they do best: growing your business.

Made-to-Order from Enterprise Technology

Each dedicated private cloud is custom-built from a mix of enterprise-class technologies and hardware from such companies as VMware, EMC, Cisco, Intel, and more. The same ones you would pick if you were building it yourself.



Secure and Compliance Ready

Our defense in depth strategy starts with the physical security of your system and extends through all layers of the logical architecture. We make it our priority to ensure that your data is not exposed to threats and stays safe within your infrastructure perimeter. We also offer a wide range of solutions specifically tailored for businesses that require HIPAA and PCI compliance. We have extensive experience in providing PCI-compliant hosting solutions to e-commerce vendors both small and large.


Thinking of a private cloud for your enterprise?