Acronis Backup Cloud

Simple cloud backup: it's an essential component of any organisation's IT strategy. Acronis Backup Cloud is an easy-to-use, cloud backup storage solution that enables companies to backup files, folders, applications or an entire system, safely and securely — with the choice of a hybrid on-premise/cloud scenario .

Protect your business with Acronis Backup Cloud

Expand your service portfolio and increase customer value by offering hybrid local backup and cloud backup as a service. Acronis Backup Cloud is a best-in-class data protection solution, ideal for creating new revenue streams – with zero entry costs!

Extensive backup & restore features

For virtual, physical and hybrid sites

User-friendly management & reporting

Suitable for mobile devices

Proven security measures

Global data center locations

Rely on secure and compliant data centers

Choose the data center location that is closest to your customers. This enables them to meet latency and data privacy regulations that apply to their particular situation.

Acronis Hosted
Acronis has data centers in the following countries and cities:

  • Asia – Singapore
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • Russia & CIS – Moscow
  • United Kingdom – London
  • United States – Boston
  • United States – St Louis, Dallas, Ashburn (available on request)
  • Europe & Africa – Strasbourg (available on request)
  • Switzerland – Lupfig (available on request)
  • Japan – Tokyo (available on request)
  • Australia – Sydney (available on request)

Provider Hosted
Host Acronis yourself in your own data center. Note: this option requires a large commitment. Contact us for more information.

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